The Why’s and What’s.

Our aim, our goal, our mission (or whatever it is you want to call) it is simple: we are looking to establish beautifully & thoughtfully designed gardens and green spaces using our creative minds, full hearts and able hands. Our dream is to study, build on and implement Whole Systems design concepts in urban spaces here in the Boston, Somerville & Cambridge area, infusing organic gardening, permaculture, and beauty with a strong emphases on native and edible species.

We understand the busy schedules of city folk (heck, we’re with you!) and how so often the gardenscape falls low on the priority scale with all the hub-bub we get ourselves into. But our mission is to introduce you (or reintroduce you) to the importance of having a place to retreat, a place from which to eat and to the fact that we need to start taking sweet sweet care of the remaining green space we still have available to us here in the Commonwealth.

Let us turn your garden into a fruitful and verdant eden that encourages flora & fauna symbiosis, because heck! We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to future generations and to the health of our world.

Your garden is our garden is your garden!


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