Hi, I’m Jen.

Jennifer O'Donnell

Jennifer O’Donnell

On Gardening:

“It’s always been about more than gardening to me. It’s about Creation. Appreciation. Acknowledging the Subtleties. Movement. Art. Life. It’s about creating spaces for people in which they can relax, breathe and enjoy their environment, opening up their intrinsic (though often ignored or forgotten) Biophilic Perspective. It involves all living things, and about finding that perfect pitch with nature making it possible to create a organic, sustainable and native landscape that we can all enjoy.”

Looking back, I’ve always loved being outdoors and interacting with the natural world:

From the odd elation I exuded in the early spring when I would get down on my little kid knees to see the tiny cracks in the freshly thawed earth, peering into the fissures to spy the fleshy green growth of the scilla, hyacinth, snowdrops, anemone, crocus bulbs….

…to the joy of raking leaves in the fall with my dad, making each pile frighteningly huge, knowing that he might be hiding in any one of them. The smell of the slightest bit of decomposition, leaf shape, color, insect holes, skeletal structure…

…to exploring the deep and fertile, green NH woods with my brothers that sprawled out beyond the crest of our yard. Moss, fern, lichen, stream, stone….

…to hiking pretty much damn near all there is to be hiked in the White Mountains while I attended college (and even in the morning before classes, just to see the low-lying clouds rise up and dissipate into the trees over Squam Lake)…

…and even now, living here in Somerville, with my 7+ years of organic gardening experience, my love and need for the outdoors remains a constant. It was a profession that I naturally gravitated towards, one that would allow me to witness -front row- the evolving intricacies that take place between the changing of the seasons, to be amongst the trees, to promote life, beauty, and healthy ecosystems through encouraging symbiotic relationships between flora, fauna, humans whenever/wherever I am lucky enough to do.

My years in the garden have helped me hone the following skills and privileges:

  • Native Garden Design
  • Cut Flower Gardens
  • Extensive Perennial Knowledge (specializing in natives)
  • Decorative & Edible Pots
  • Installing Irrigation (to promote water sustainability)
  • ”Soft-Core” Hardscaping (laying low walls, walkways & patios)
  • Professional Hand Pruning
  • Garden Art
  • Currently expanding my Permaculture knowledge (Certification in 2013)
  • Excitement and willingness to learning new practices, skills, etc!
  • A strong back and not afraid of grunt work!
  • A vast network of friends, colleagues and other passionate folks with a myriad incredible skills in the Permaculture, Urban Farming, Urban Homesteading fields who are always excited to share their ideas

I look forward for Ned’s and my love for the landscapes in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville (and beyond) to grow, expand, mature, evolve and ENCOURAGE others to welcome us into their gardens and to teach them as well as transform their space into a place where they can find a little life, a little magic and a little sweetness.


1 thought on “Hi, I’m Jen.

  1. Jen’s magic, gentle and artistic touch have made my garden come alive. It had never before been so tenderly cared for.

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