Permaculture Design Course 2013!

IMG_1134How excited were Ned and I about our Introduction to Permaculture Design Short Course?




We’re brimming with motivation & excitement. Our brains are turned on, tuned IN and we are ready to put our hearts, hands and hippocampi (sure, let’s say that’s the plural) to work this spring! Boston, we hope you’re ready.

Thanks so much to the lovely, brilliant and oh-so-evocative Lisa Fernandes, president and organizer of the Portland Maine Permaculture and Resilience Hub in Portland, ME for composing such a comprehensive, digestible, inspiring & interactive class. Heck, we were so blown away by Lisa’s energy and passion during this intensive two-part short course, that we registered for the FULL Permaculture Design Certification Course this coming season- all the way up in UNITY, ME. If that’s not love & commitment, I don’t know what is. : )

This 6 month long intensive will teach us a range of skill sets, methodologies, practical applications and the benefits of sustainable living, natural building and energy descent, along with urban/suburban farm applications and design practicums along with a slew of guest lectures, field trips, inspirations as so on!

*again, with the swoons*Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 7.55.56 PMSo friends, come April, be sure to check out our BLOG for musings, tips, design ideas, positive solutions, favorite edibles, photos, and other glorious et ceteras as we document our Permaculture experience because (eloquently speaking here) this course going to be more fantastic than an impromptu parking lot discotheque and we are excited to share what we’ve learned!

Here’s to 2013!



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