Jen and Ned Team-Up With LuRC!


The folks refuse to let any of your lovely fruit go to waste.

Hey, have you guys ever heard of these folks? Nor had we, up until a few weeks ago. And holy crap, they are awesome.


Ned and I were sitting outside Zing Cafe in Porter Square when a smiling cyclist rolled up with his son and enthusiastically inquired about our neat Jen & Ned Gardeners bike trailer (designed by the freaking awesome folks from Bikes at Work and assembled by the one and only Matt Budd of Budd Bike Works).

Sam, who introduced himself, as the founder of The League of Urban Canners (also known as LUrC), enthusiastically gushed over our green business model and soon-there-after began to blow our little minds with his successful, and dare I say fruitful organization of dedicated volunteers whose goal is to harvest a property owner’s unwanted fruit, can it and give 10% of the jam/jelly/magic back to the fruit tree owner! Pretty great.

This is an inspiring group of folks whose hard work not only benefits the people who own the fruit trees (fallen fruit is often sloppy, gloppy, stinky and attracts rodents) but helps build the honest sense of community that evolves through having a common and altruistic goal. Heck, being outside and learning about trees and how to make jellies doesn’t seem that terrible either! : )

Here is some more info about LuRC:

During fall 2011, LUrC canned over 70 pints of apple sauce and 50 pints of grape jam from local apple trees and grape arbors and returned 10% of the product to the owners.

This past fall, 2012, they harvested a staggering 4000lbs of fruit!    Yes, that’s right…. 4000 lbs!!

* They remove fruit before it falls in your yard and makes a mess.
* They give you 10% of whatever product they make from your fruit.
* They schedule the exact time of the harvest in advance.
* They bring a small team of no more than three experienced harvesters.
* They use all their our own tools.
* They clean up after themselves.
* They do not charge.

If you own a fruit tree or arbor and are interested, or if you know of a fruit tree or
arbor that is not being harvested, please contact them at urbanapplesauce[at]gmail[dot]com.

As the sun dipped West and the sky glowed that cold Autumnal blue, Ned, Sam and I exchanged information and bid each other a thankful farewell. We are excited to learn more about each other’s sustainable, edible, horticultural, green urban takeover-ical (ha!)  interests and plan on collaborating soon!

❤ and so much more,



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